Saturday, April 17, 2010


Saturday is COMPLEX DAY!!!


Muscle Snatch x 5
Overhead Squat x 5
Push Press Behind Neck x 5
Good Morning x 5
Squat x 5
Bent Over Row x 5
Stiff Leg Dead Lift x 5

5 sets increasing weight as you go. 2-3 minute rest between sets. How heavy can you go without putting bar down. I want numbers, people. What can you fools do?


  1. I did the first week's barbell complex with around 95 lbs(the last set, started with just a bar), so not much :(. Dunno about this one, yet.

  2. this is mostly a recovery workout if you trained hard this week. So its not as much about the weight as it is quality of movement. GET MOBILE, enjoy