Friday, April 16, 2010


After fasting yesterday, I think I lost my mind when deciding what to have for dinner tonight.
In retrospect, this decision was so much more awesome than I anticipated it to be.
I decided to not take pictures of dessert because that would have just been gluttonous.

1.) Thick Bar Push Press 8 x 3

2A.) Body weight Bench Press 3 x Max (No Rest)
2B.) Pull Ups 3 x Max (Rest 3-4 minutes)

3A.) DB Hang Cleans 3 x 8
3B.) Ring Dips 3 x max

4A.) Prowler 5 x 100'
4B.) KB Swing 5 x 15

If these workouts don't look much like fat loss sessions, then maybe you aren't pushing the pace fast enough. Also, building muscle is the best way to combat fat as far as I'm concerned.


  1. Did you really eat all of that...I'm impressed!!

  2. plus 2 more plates, sushi and dessert. Phone died. It was a disgusting display.

  3. Thats how its done!!

  4. LOL is that the food from the No 1 buffet at Hilltop?