Friday, April 2, 2010


Barbell Complex

5 sets, complete 5 reps each exercise before moving to next exercise. Start light, go heavier every set. If one or two movements are very difficult for you, and the weight would be severely limited by said exercise, then practice it exclusively before the complex, and eliminate it from the complex. Do not execute a new skill in a high rep set. Simply practice the exercise with little or no fatigue, then when you acquire proficiency you can include them in your complexes. The first three movements are performed with a snatch (wide) grip, then before the fourth movement adjust quickly to a clean (shoulder width) grip with the weight at the hip.

Muscle snatch
Overhead Squat
Push Press Behind Neck
Bent Over Row
Hang Power Clean
Front Squat
Push Press
Good Morning
Back Squat
Dead Lift


  1. Was really sore from the previous workouts and from lifting heavy things at work. Did my warm up felt pretty good but after the second round with this noticed a sharp pain on my back muscle and new I had to stop aint the first time I felt that! Iced it and did some light mobility work. Tried not to lift to much at work today still felt the pain hopefully I can recover from it till wednesday rolls around so I can start my 2nd week with this!

  2. Rest, ice and some Advil should help. Lots of foam rolling should get you right. See you in a few days.