Thursday, December 31, 2009

Week 1 Day 3

1.) Bench Press 5x5

2A.) Ring pushups 4x submax
2B.) Mixed Grip pullups 4 x submax

3A.) Wall Walking 3 x max distance
3B.) Bulgarian Training Bag(BTB) Halos 3 x 10(each direction)

4.) Tabata kettlebell snatch
-This is a hard style snatch, move that bell fast and powerful

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sample Snatch Drill Warmup

Depending on what your weakness is on a particular lift, you can perform a few drills before or after your main exercises to enhance your performance. Remember, drills enhance skills, and skills pay da bills!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Week 1 Day 2

1.) Snatch 80%x1x6

2.) Deadlift 5x5

3.) Lunges (any style) 3x12-16

4A.) Hip extension + GHR 5x10
4B.) Hanging leg raises 5x10

5.) Prowler suicides x5-10

If you do not know your max snatch, then just build up to a heavy single, then back off about 20% of that weight and perform 3 more reps

Build up to your heaviest set of 5 and perform as many reps as possible on your last set. Who knows, you might pull much more than you think you can.

Post loads and comments

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Push Press 5-5-5-5-5

Warm up well with foam rolling and a few minutes on the airdyne or rower. I always like some shoulder dislocates and overhead squats, about 8 of each pullups, pushups and kb swings. Complete about 3 rounds.

1.) Push Press 5 x 5
Build up to your heaviest set of 5, try not to miss, execute as many reps as possible on your last set.

2.) Muscle ups 3 x 3-5 reps all dead hang

3A.) Ring Dips 3 x submax
3B.) DB Row 3 x submax
For the rows, choose a weight that will get you about the same amount of reps as you got dips, this will take experimentation

4.) Sandbag Zercher carry
Pick a distance about 300 meters long and get through it

5.) Sprints 5-10 sprints all the same predetermined distance of 50-75 meters
Rest about 45 - 60 seconds between sprints. I usually rest only long enough to walk back to starting position, get set, and GO!

6.) Foam roll, mobility, flexibility work

New Cycle, Get on Board

Its time for another new cycle here at The Strength Shop, and not a minute too soon. Most of us are looking for a program to get us in shape for the new year. Well, look no further! If you want to get stronger, leaner, meaner, and just flat out all around beastlier, this program is gonna be for you. It's going to be a nasty hybrid of influences from several highly respected coaches, blended with my own methodology. If names such as Dan John, Jim Wendler, Zach Even-Esh, Micheal Rutherford, and Mike Burgener, among others, get you all hot and bothered, then you got bigger problems than I can help you with! But, you will love the programming I'm presenting over the next few months to all of The Strength Shop followers for free. We'll be discussing our training, nutrition, how to best stick to the game plan and any other pertinent information that is relevant to our goals. It's going to be a wild ride, with lots of blood, sweat and tears. Hold on tight to your foam roller, you'll need it.

We have a good amount of olympic lifting, powerlifting, intense conditioning and no shortage of tools in our toolbox. If you do not have every tool we use, don't cry about it, just make a logical substitution. We have an intelligent design of barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, sandbags, Bulgarian training bags, etc. to keep your mind fresh, and your body thrashed, yet ready to take on any and all new challenges that you may be facing.

The program will essentially be four days a week, training on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. You can make any necessary adjustments, but try to keep up over time. If you would like to add another day or two to your program, I recommend practicing your weaknesses, and do some general conditioning and recovery work. Good luck and enjoy your progress and new pr's!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Catalyst Athletics Chicks vs. Dudes

This is just such an awesome video, I hope people can see the beauty in not only the lifts, but in what is really going on at this gym, I absolutely love it.

Today's training:

Dumbbell Clean and jerk
several sets if 3 reps r/l
worked up to 120( biggest db's I own) I am going to gorilla tape small plates to the end of the bells to make em heavier.

Trap bar deads for triples

worked up to 480 x 1 x 2

my lower back is now killing me, I did a bad thing!

Finished with 4 rounds of:

5 HSPU on parallettes
racked double kettlebell walking lunge, about 16 steps with 55lb KB's

The high school crew rolled in as i finished my workout, it got em pumped to see coach killin it with the beat red face.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


My favorite complex at the moment is one that I've been using very frequently, and for good reason. It covers damn near everything, and kicks the crap out of me. I love incorporating power, strength, speed, stamina, conditioning, and mental toughness among other things into my workouts, this covers all that and more.

Ten movements, each six reps, then move seamlessly into the next movement.

1. Power jumps, then immediately grab a barbell that you have conveniently placed in front of you.
2. Romanian deadlift
3. Bent over row
4. Power snatch
5. Overhead squat
6. Push press behind neck
7. Good Morning
8. Back squat
9. Deadlift, then immediately push bar a few feet forward and
10. Power jumps, as high as possible

I use this as a great warm up with just the bar or maybe a few more pounds.

I then did a few drills for my olympic lifting.

Power clean x 3
Front squat x 3
Push jerk x 3
Hang squat clean x 3

After doing this with 40 and 60 kg, I went right into my clean and jerks.

80 kg x 1
100 kg x 1

Then the real workout

120 kg clean and jerk every minute on the minute for 15 minutes.

The end got rough, but i didn't miss a lift

After a few minutes I did a finisher consisting of:

4 rounds

5 L-pullups
5 getups with 80lb sandbag

It was a pretty rough one, I've been starving all day