Wednesday, December 16, 2009


My favorite complex at the moment is one that I've been using very frequently, and for good reason. It covers damn near everything, and kicks the crap out of me. I love incorporating power, strength, speed, stamina, conditioning, and mental toughness among other things into my workouts, this covers all that and more.

Ten movements, each six reps, then move seamlessly into the next movement.

1. Power jumps, then immediately grab a barbell that you have conveniently placed in front of you.
2. Romanian deadlift
3. Bent over row
4. Power snatch
5. Overhead squat
6. Push press behind neck
7. Good Morning
8. Back squat
9. Deadlift, then immediately push bar a few feet forward and
10. Power jumps, as high as possible

I use this as a great warm up with just the bar or maybe a few more pounds.

I then did a few drills for my olympic lifting.

Power clean x 3
Front squat x 3
Push jerk x 3
Hang squat clean x 3

After doing this with 40 and 60 kg, I went right into my clean and jerks.

80 kg x 1
100 kg x 1

Then the real workout

120 kg clean and jerk every minute on the minute for 15 minutes.

The end got rough, but i didn't miss a lift

After a few minutes I did a finisher consisting of:

4 rounds

5 L-pullups
5 getups with 80lb sandbag

It was a pretty rough one, I've been starving all day

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