Friday, December 18, 2009

Catalyst Athletics Chicks vs. Dudes

This is just such an awesome video, I hope people can see the beauty in not only the lifts, but in what is really going on at this gym, I absolutely love it.

Today's training:

Dumbbell Clean and jerk
several sets if 3 reps r/l
worked up to 120( biggest db's I own) I am going to gorilla tape small plates to the end of the bells to make em heavier.

Trap bar deads for triples

worked up to 480 x 1 x 2

my lower back is now killing me, I did a bad thing!

Finished with 4 rounds of:

5 HSPU on parallettes
racked double kettlebell walking lunge, about 16 steps with 55lb KB's

The high school crew rolled in as i finished my workout, it got em pumped to see coach killin it with the beat red face.


  1. Yo thanks for taking the time to post your workouts. Very creative with your methods. They've helped out a lot with my own training.

  2. cool, keep up with us, we're starting a new cycle this week.