Friday, April 2, 2010


1.) Thick Bar Push Press 5x5

2A.) Explosive Chest Slap Push up 3x10
2B.) Ring Dips 3x7
2C.) Incline DB Flies 3x8-10

3A.) Power Shrugs 3x12-15
3B.) Chinups 3 x submax

4A.) Prowler 3x100'
4B.) KB Swing 3x15
4C.) Prowler 3x100'
4D.) Burpees 3x15


  1. What a great workout today...the prowler circuit really brings the pain....thanks Matt....I am completely exhausted!!

  2. Going to be doing this workout shortly...aint quite sure what i might substiture in for the prowler yet just wondering what you might think would be a good thing instead of prowler? Might just push my heavy bag with a plate or so on the concrete floor haha

  3. matt im trying this challenge out, just want to know is 100' mean by yards, meters, or feet?