Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Week 9 Day 3

This is one really cool lookin trunk! I hope everyone who is following along is making good gains. Its a 12 week cycle, so a few more weeks to go jack up some PR's before we switch things up a bit. I am heavily favoring a short 4-6 week fat burning cycle through April. Anybody have any ideas or wishes? Please let me know so I can make a utilitarian decision. But really, I'm gonna do whatever the fuck I want anyway :) But i love to hear your thoughts.

1.) Incline Bench Press 10x2

2A.) (KB bottoms up) clean & press 5x5
2B.) Muscle ups 5x5

3A.) (Sandbag) Zercher lunges 3x10 each leg
3B.) (Keg) Carry 3x200 feet
3C.) Farmers Carry 3x200 feet
3D.) Power Wheel 3x100 feet

4.) Foam rolling, mobility, etc. Prepare for heavy cleans and squats on Saturday

Anybody have any questions, comments or concerns about the Underground Strength Mentorship being held at The Strength Shop on March 20? I will be happy to discuss any queries anybody might have. Zach Even-Esh and I have a big day planned for all attendees, so I hope you get on board!

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