Wednesday, February 3, 2010



  1. Hey Matt love the program I've made some really solid progress after only a few weeks, thanks for sharing your knowledge. Quick question, I train in BJJ twice a week, do you have any advice for tailoring the program for sports

  2. Brad

    every sport has its own particular needs. Keep in mind that this program is not exactly how I train myself or my athletes. I make adjustments and modifications for individuals based on their needs and abilities. For bjj i would cut down the rest period, do more timed sets and power endurance work with things like kettlebell complexes. But with proper application and adjustments, you can use this template and make great gains in your chosen sport. When we are doing our assistance work, you just change that to a slightly lighter, longer set of a power endurance complex. For example:

    Kettlebell snatch x3
    jerk x 3
    clean x3
    jerk x 3, switch hands, repeat