Saturday, February 13, 2010

Week 7 Day 4

1.) 1 Power clean+ 1 front squat+1 hang clean x work up to heavy load for the day

2.) Front squat 5x5

3A.) RDL 3x8
3B.) Chin ups 3 x submax

4A.) Wall ball shots 3x15
4B.) Jumping Ball Slams3x15
As fast as possible

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  1. Keep up the hard work Matt. I absolutely love this blog and the workouts you post. Been enjoying my training much more since i started working out "wichlinski style".

  2. Thanks, Bro

    let me know what things you are interested in learning more about. I'll write and post more about what people what and ask for.

  3. At the moment I'm slowly getting the hang of putting together what works for me - and still keeping it almost exactly like your workouts.

    I have no kettlebells, ropes, ring or such. So i try to substitute what I can :)

    My routine looks like this:
    (Skill movement)
    Ballistic Exercise (e.g. DB Snatch, Jump-squats etc.)
    Power Movement (e.g. heavy presses, squats & deads)
    Aux (e.g. rows, press, lunges etc.)

    So I try to stay true to what you post ;)

  4. everything should be able to substituted with a little creativity and knowledge of the purpose of the movement. You are on the right path, keep up the good work

  5. Thats great to know Matt. Just keep posting and I'll keep learning (:

    What do you suggest one should do on off-days? I've always been very fond of cardio and actually did a marathon last year.

  6. Nicklas,

    I recommend doing the things that make you happy. I would not lift maximally on these days of course, no matter how happy it makes me, unless I just wanted to "keep on keepin on" and take a rest day tomorrow. If you like "cardio", however you define it, then by all means do it. But if your goal is to gain strength, this would not be your best option. Stress is stress, and more of it will not allow your muscles to fully recover and get as strong as possible. If you have general fitness goals, then enjoy your off day, lower intensity workout. It also depends on the lifestyle of the individual. Compare a guy who works from home on his internet business all day, then trains for an hour here and there, vs the manual laborer who's on his feet 16 hours a day and still hits the gym regularly. These guys have different needs. Are you a teenager, or in your 40's? Are you a beginner, or an advanced athlete? Ask these questions and make wise decisions regarding the outcome.

    What I do personally is a lot of mobility and flexibility work, along with some light loading exercise choices, like sledgehammers or medballs.

  7. Okay, thanks for the responds Matt. Much appreciated!

    Keep rockin'! :)