Monday, February 15, 2010

Week 8 Day 1

Barbell Warm up x5 reps each movement before changing
a. RDL
b. muscle snatch
c. front squat
d. press
e. good morning
f. press behind neck
g. back squat
h. lunge, each leg
i. deadlift
j. power jump

1.) Clean grip power snatch 5x3

2.) Jerk behind neck 6-8x3
change every rep, ie. left, right, power jerk, work up to heavy triple

As many rounds as possible in 15 minutes, 4-6 reps of each
3a.) Handstand Pushup
3b.) Pull up
3c.) Pushup
3d.) Supine row

Sorry for the late post, life happens


  1. OK If you still have not been following this program... DO IT NOW. I'm on week 7 day 1, hit 200 lb x 5 on push press today(week 1 could barley muster 175 for 4). This stuff works guys n gals. Also, my bodyweight is up from 184 to ~190-191 with no noticable gain in bf. I'm getting back to PR levels on all lifts, every week I'm feeling stronger, more fit, and able to do lots of work without tiring out. The numbers continue to climb day after day, week after week.

    Matt is the real deal ladies and gentlemen! I'm amazed by the progress I've made in 6 weeks. Keep up the great work, Matt. My training partners and I are loving it. They too are experiencing similar results to myself; one guy is up from 152 to 162 lbs and the other up from 174 to 180 lbs; both much stronger than when they started.

    We have not missed 1 session thus far; most of it we follow to the T since I have access to most all of the equipment you've listed at the facility I train clients/athletes out of.

    Anyways, thanks again Matt.

  2. I've been experiencing similar results to what John said above I've gone from 185 to 191 bodyweight as well pressed 170 for 1 up form 160 wich had stalled for a long time, and pushpressed 205 up from 185. All of the assistance lifts are going up as well, my lower back has never felt so strong.
    Thanks for posting this program Matt I look forward to every training day and the results are amazing and I'm only on week 4 day 2. Quick question though how do you decide what to use for conditioning workouts on a given day? I have most of the equipment but some days for instance my achilles tendonitis acts up and I have to go more upper body for conditioning with sledge swings etc.Thanks again.


  3. Thats awesome you guys are experiencing good gains, keep it up.


    for conditioning, keep the skill level low, the work output high and try not to interfere with the following days strength work too much. For example, if the next day is going to be a big bench day, do not do a ton of push ups the day before.