Sunday, January 3, 2010

Week 2 Day 1

1.) Press 6x4

2.) Muscle ups 3x3-6

3A.) Ring Dips 3x Submax
3B.) DB Row 3x Submax

4A.) Double DB Hang Power Snatch 5x7
4B.) Jumping Deck Squats 5x10

5.) Mobility, Flexibility and foam rolling!!!

Notes: Build up to a max effort on the last 3 sets of the press, performing as many reps as possible on the last set. Try hard not to miss any attempts (obviously). Sub pullups for muscle ups if necessary, pulling as high as possible on every rep, with submax reps. Try to get 1-2 more ring dips than last week. Try to use 5 more pounds than last week on the rows. If you are not good at snatches, just use one DB instead of two, and if you are still ugly (be honest), just do and aggressive high pull. (High pull = Dip at the hip reaching the DB between the knees, then aggressively extend the hip and pull your elbow high and outside toward the sky). If you cannot perform jumping deck squats illustrated in the video attached, then do regular jump squats, deep squats, or double unders, only double up on the reps for all substitutions.


  1. sick workout bruddah man, how heavy were the DB snatches & why did you hit them so late in the workout?


  2. Hey Matt. Question: Do you combine these workouts with "traditional" sets, ie. benchs press OR is this your daily set and that's it? Thanks for any info dude.


  3. Zach

    I guess I forgot to mention that set 4A + 4B were to be combined for time as a conditioner. The weight should equal half of your body weight. I weigh 200 lbs, so I use (2) 50 lb bells. Even though this is typically a power movement, we are using DB's for higher reps as a conditioner. They are explosive yet not so heavy that your time slows dramatically. I wouldn't do this with the barbell because fatigue would ruin your technique, but I find that db's, kb's and sandbags warrant a tremendous amount of effort, but are different enough from the barbell as to not screw up your technique. I normally use a more simple and basic move for finishers, but I'm not afraid to throw these in sometimes.

  4. Jerimey

    This is a cycle that combines power, strength, and stamina among other attributes. We will be benching thursday, so be ready. We are programming to get you strong as hell and lean as a mofo, stay with us.