Friday, January 1, 2010

Week 1 Day 4

1.) Power Clean + Push Press 5x3

2.) Back Squat 5x5

3.) Good Mornings 3x8

4.) Box Jumps x20 Total

5.) Sledgehammer Hits x up to 100 strikes

If your clean is sloppy or you are new to the movement, you can substitute a single DB for the BB. Build slowly on the squats, on the last set, get as many reps as possible. Practice perfect form on the GM's (as you should do always), I would prefer a lighter beautiful set to an ugly heavy one. Build up to your highest possible box jumps with no more than 20 reps. When possible, stick your landing like you would the catch in the bottom of the clean, feet flat, knees out. Partition the sledge hits as necessary.

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