Saturday, January 23, 2010

Week 4 Day 4

1.) Power Clean 3x3

2.) Jerk 4x2

3.) Back Squat 8-5-5-3-3-1-1-1

4A.) Kettlebell Swings 3x12
4B.) Reverse GHD Leg Raises 3x12

5.) Prowler Walk 400 meters x1


  1. i'm terribly sorry about the late post today if anybody is actually following this. If you need any guidance or questions about the program, what's, why's and how's? You can call me or post here or my e mail:



  2. Have you planned each cycle with specific sets, reps, and percentages?

  3. Matt, I've been following along (a week behind) but I'm loving it. Keep up the great work with the posts and videos, I'm seriously feeling great after 3 weeks! Will start posting weights. I have a couple clients that train with me and both are loving it as well. Keep rockin it!

    John Cortese

  4. 155x5
    Alternate dumbell presses(sub)
    warmup 30,35
    3sets 12 reps
    62lb kettlebell swing
    35lb plate side to side twist (sub)

    25overhead plate lunge 4laps (both subs for Prowler)
    3rounds of Jumprope

  5. anonymous

    I'm using a very basic template incorporating power, strength and assistance work followed with conditioning. The beginning of the month will be slightly higher volume and lower intensity, moving towards higher intensity/ lower volume, ending the month with a deload week. Basic stuff. I'm not getting too involved with percentages because that varies considerably between individuals, eliminates the need to think for yourself, and negates training by the way your body might feel on any given day. 90% of max just might not be in the cards on a particular day, but some people force it when they probably shouldn't.

  6. John Cortese,

    excellent! Glad its working for you.

  7. John Cintron

    nice work, good choice on subs

  8. Thanks Matt
    Love this blog I wish some more iron brothers would post to see how they are doing with the workouts. I can't wait to be 100% and give this program a real boost.Matty have you thought og creating your strengthshop t-shirts yet?

  9. I'm in the process of getting my shirts together. Anybody have any ideas?

  10. Matt
    You should have a shirt with your picture on it. I saw one picture of you wearing a skull cap flexing.on The back justput the strength shop building beasts.Or have someone draw a picture of a beast doing like a deadlift with toms of heavy weight bar bending .The beast face growling with animal saliva coming

  11. I think you shoud have 3 silhouettes or beasts on the front that show the 1st character at the end of a split jerk or at the bottom of a snatch and the 2nd one doing a heavy deadlift and the 3rd with a sandbag shouldered and a KB overhead at the bottom of a squat.

  12. I like that Idea then in the back have the strength shop unleash the beast within

  13. awesome idea

    my original idea was similar but different, I wanted to incorporate many different modalities of training and different tools. So I was going to have something like a giant octopus with a King Neptune type head and all eight arms would have a different tool, a kb, a db, sandbag, a fat barbell, maybe swinging another human around...