Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Week 2 Day 3

1.) Bench Press 6x4

2A.) Ring Pushups with chain or vest 3x submax
2B.) Mix grip pull ups with chain or vest 3x submax

3A.) Double Kettlebell Clean and Press 3 x 8-12
3B.) GHB Situps 3 x 15 slow

4.) 5 Burpees + sprint 50-75 meters x 5-10, rest as long as it takes to get back to start and not die

5. Foam roll and mobility work

Prepare for Saturday squats


  1. Matt

    This is an aewsome blog . great workouts.


  2. We like the new blog and the updates. Great work!

  3. Thanks guys

    It would be awesome if you guys posted weights, reps and times if you are doing the workouts. And ask questions as it would generate good information and certainly cover issues that others need to know, but do not know how or what to ask. Please let me know all of your training interests as well .

  4. Matt

    I will do that.I am also thinking of starting my own blog on my training. I need to modify a little of the workouts because I don't have all the equipment that you use. So I will have to substitute sometimes.

    As far as questions I know you like paleo and I am doing my best to do plaeo. What is your personal take on supplements waste of time or there are some good things out there.


  5. Matt, the new blog and workouts are awesome!!
    I'm looking into getting some kettlebells and I was wondering what brand you recommend?
    Also, do you think it would be better to get pairs or just one of each weight?

    Thanks brotha

  6. John

    I am not Matt but I have Adler kettlebells I have a pair of 16kg,24kg and 32kg. But I probably would have been able to get more pairs for the same price if I would have gotten muscle driver's bells they are much cheaper. Just my two cents.


  7. John,

    i like the paleo deal for general health. But, for most people it will be very difficult to pack on mass with a strict paleo. Adding breads and other cheaters make it easier to gain weight, but not exactly beneficial for general fitness. It depends on the goal. As far as supplements go, you must tighten up the diet first. If your nutrition is on point, and you have been training seriously beyond basic novice ranks, then consider supplements to take your lifting to new levels. If your training and nutrition isn't right, don't expect much from your pill and powder investment. I do recommend fish oil, and protein powder for those on the go. Creatine, glutamine and a few others seem to prove effective.

  8. J66Mac,


    I agree with John Cintron. I got a few Ader's, they seem to be ok. From feedback from others, the GS kettlebells are the way to go. Muscledriver's competition bells are supposedly made from the same mold, so they should feel great, at a much better price. I am planning on these for my next bell purchase. I bought singles the first time around, and the whole time i wished i had the pair. I wasn't satisfied until I got the other half:) If you have the money, get the pair, but it isn't necessary.

  9. Thanks for the input guys. I'm probably going to order the Gray Series Kettlebells sometime this week.
    Have a good one.

  10. J66Mac

    Buy as you wish, but I recommend you buck up the extra $35 bones for the competition bells. They last a lifetime and you won't even remember the extra money after a short while, but every time you pick up an inferior bell you will notice. I particularly don't like the small rubberized unstable bottom of the gray series. Glenn Pendlay is a good guy, shoot him an email on the muscledriver site and ask him his professional opinion as well. He'll give you the straight shit.

  11. Matt, thanks for the advice. I'll definitely go with the competition bells, makes much more sense.

    Thanks again.