Monday, January 18, 2010

Week 4 Day 1

1.) Press 8-5-5-3-3-1-1-1

2.) Muscle ups 5 x submax

3A.) Ring pushups 3 x submax
3B.) Double KB highpull 3 x 10-15

4A.) Backwards sled drag 5 x 30 Meters
Follow immediately with:
4B.) Sprint 5 x 50-75 meters
4C.) Rest 90 seconds

Drag the sled for the required distance then drop the handle and run as fast as possible for the required distance in one smooth smokin fast set.


  1. 1.) 135, 185, 195, 205, 215, 225, 235, 245

    2.) 6,4,4,4,3


  2. Hi Matt
    I am back training again still can't do all the movements as I am recovering from forearm tendinitus. Docotr has given me anti- inflamitory for three weeks so hopefully soon I can lift almost exactly how you have on your blog.I started my own and am posting my numbers. I was wondering if you where able to do these kind of workouts in your regular gym where you used to workout or was it a hassle. I ask because right know I am working out in the gym in my co-op complex it's great for getting the meticons I have a huge grassfield to do runs but There is only 330 lbs of free weights I asked if they could get more and they where like that is fine for you but we have more elderly that workout here. So within the next two months I want to be going heavy on squats and deads I was thinking of buying my own weights and putting them in a carry on bag and rolling them to the gym. Or do you think I should just go to a regular gym? I have never done metecons in a regular gym. Sorry for the long post. By the way for the guys following poleo Diet sun butter is better than peanut butter.

    John Cintron

  3. John

    Post away, brotha. You gotta go where you feel the best energy. I have been able to train the way I wanted to train for the past few years. I didn't have all the tools I wanted, but my last gym let me bring in new stuff, hang rings and drop oly weights to the ground. But everyone around me wasn't doing much besides preacher curls and leg extensions, so the energy sucked balls. I have a very good friend who carries her weights in and out of the gym frequently. she uses a cart and mobilizes them to take to the park or whatever she wants. It always seems like a big pain in the ass to me, but she loves it, and she totally rocks! I would go on Craigslist and acquire a little more weight over time. Haven't heard of sun butter, I usually eat almond butter. Take care of your inflammation first, don't keep bangin on the injury or it'll never heal.

  4. Matt

    I have always had to create my own energy I am a little older than you and I have always been really hardcore. I was 5'6 weighed 135 all through high school but was strong squatting 315 for reps and benching 225 for reps back then never dead lifted or did Olympic lifting until now. Last summer I did 425 deadlift at a gym I went to for two weeks. The best gym I ever went to was a real dive by today's normal gyms I would feed off the energy off all the juice heads because I wanted to catch up to them. I go real strong and was a solid 155 and was pretty cut. But I wanted mass and just started eating away until I got a lot of mass but a lot went to my gut as well. I still have some left not much it's been a real battle I am definitely against bulking up. Maximal power endurance will get you more no matter what you weigh again when I was a teenager we didn't have the internet to find resources like today.My tendinitis is getting better but I am concentrating on the three powerlifting lifts which don't seem to effect it at all but the Olympic stuff does and any pulling motion.
    Sun Butter I like better than almond butter. I just tried it after hearing about it. Trying to keep paloe as much as possible. I may just have to get a cart and wheel the weights as the 10 dollars for the gym a month is pretty good and it's just the building next to me so i don't waste on traveling. Again this blog rocks just like your videos I constantly feed of the energy from them .