Sunday, January 31, 2010

Week 6 Day 1

Back to hard work, but stay in the prescribed rep range

1.) Double kettlebell parked power jumps 8x3
-(Works best with a partner, you go, they go...deadlift the bells outside the feet to the power position and in one fluid motion explosively jump and land athletically while smoothly transitioning the bells to a parked position on the ground outside your feet, reset the back, repeat 2x)

2.) Press 3-4x6-8

3.) Muscle ups 3 x submax

4A.) Explosive pushup 10x3-6
-(Both hands and feet pop off ground, add vest if possible)
4B.) Explosive pullup 10x3-6
-(Try to pop off the bar, vest?)
4C.) Kneeling pop up 10x3-6
-(Start on ground kneeling, then explosively jump from knees and land in the bottom of a squat, preferably with both hands "handcuffed" behind back, or even a little added weight)

5.) Keg carry x5 minutes for distance
-(If you do not have a keg, sub a sandbag or a stack of bumps or standard plates)

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