Monday, May 31, 2010


Big weights and big food...
Great Mustache and lots of milk from the guys at 70's Big, which is a great site by the way, check it out
1.) Clean Grip Power Snatch + Hang Power Clean 6x2

2.) Squat - 6x3

3.) Push Press - 5x4

4A.) Weighted Pistols - 3x4-6 R/L
4B.) Handstand Press - 3 x Submax

5A.) Sled Drive - 5x100' Heavy
5B.) Double KB Swing 5x10


  1. Nice workouts man! You packin' on that extra muscle?
    Question: For the first exercise, are you doing your clean grip power snatch followed by the hang power clean as ONE rep?

  2. Yes,

    Snatch+clean+snatch+clean x 6 sets

    if you must shake your hands out after the first clean the do so but complete all movements quickly and smoothly. A beginner should perform only one movement at a time.