Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mass Gain Cycle Week 1 Day 1

Time to put on some more meat, the body responds well to mass gain after a fat loss loss phase. This is an older photo, but my current bodyfat levels are much lower, in fact, they are negative. I'm the first human to achieve this feat. My bf% is -6%. If you want to know how to accomplish this extraordinary attainment, please mail $100.00 cash to the above address. You will not actually be getting anything for your money, but you will be giving me $100.00, so everybody wins.
1.) Clean & Jerk - Heavy Single

2.) Squat - 6x4

3.) Push Press - 5x5

4A.) Weighted Pistols - 3x4-6 R/L
4B.) Triceps Extensions - 3x12

5.) Weighted Plank - 3x60-90 seconds


  1. Hey Matt: Funny as hell post! Still laughing. Quick question about jerks and push/presses. I hit my chin a couple of weeks back when jerking. Should I look up or should I tuck in my chin? What about my elbow position? Should they be pointing down or do you press from with the bar resting on your coller with your fingers tips holding the bar? Any suggestions for the proper set up, would be greatly appreciated!

    Wish I could send you the hundred bucks, but I'm broke as fuck!


    ps - bad ass pix!

  2. It sucks when you bust your chin, it usually only happens once, though. I like to see the elbows in the same position as the press when you are jerking. Others keep the elbows much higher and the weight rested in their tips, jump the weight up and catch it at lockout. I certainly don't want you jerking off your collar bones, your deltoids should take the pressure if your elbows are high. look forward, but keep chin and head pulled back.

  3. My stupid ass has hit my chin twice. Thanks for the advice. My wife tells me my chin is my best feature so I don't to bust it up.

  4. matt,

    when the sets are 6x4 and 5x5, are these sets across or ascending?

  5. I typically do ascending sets to establish a working weight at the beginning of a cycle, then do sets across throughout the remainder. i will usually perform as many reps as possible on the last set. There have been times on 6x4 days that i would perform my last set with 315x10 for a given exercise. Then I make the adjustment for the next training session.