Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Always on a mission for strength and knowledge

1.) Bench Press 6x4 with chains
Keep rest periods as short as possible while still recovering for next set

2A.) Rope Climb 3x1 (15')
2B.) Weighted Dips 3x8-12

3A.) Pull Up Variation 3 x submax
3B.) Push Up Variation 3 x submax

4.) Hanging leg raise 3 x 15

5.) Row 10-15x100 meters 30 seconds rest
try to keep every set sub 20 seconds, if no rower, sub swings or sprints


  1. Hey Matt,
    I was wondering if you have any specific structure that you go by when you make your training programs? I understand that you make your programs by what goals you have at the moment, but do you have any rules that you can share?

    Edvin, Sweden.

  2. Hey Matt, just wondering if during the main lifts of 5x5, 6x4, 8x3, and 10x2 you keep straight weight for all sets or increase to a top set??


  3. lately I have been doing straight sets, but I do several warm up sets as well. At times i increase the weight thru my sets. There is no strict rule here.

  4. Edvin,

    There are several templates people choose from. The way I like to train essentially we do a full body power movement, such as snatches or clean and jerks, followed by a strength movement for the lower or upper body, then assistance movements, followed by a conditioner. I could write a book about the specifics of this as it could be much more complex and thoughtful than that. But, that is the problem with a lot of trainees today, they make things more difficult than they need to be. Keep it simple, and strive to move with perfection, add weight, add reps, and be a better person. I'll add more posts about programming in coming posts.

  5. Thanks Matt, that's a really good summary.
    If i'm not very good at the olympic lifts, is there any alternatives that I can use instead for a full body movement?

    Thanks //Edvin

  6. You need full body movements, but you do not need oly lifts. Lots of coaches avoid them, others love them. Work hard on the movements that you know how to perform, and perfect them. Take your time, practice diligently and safely on the skills that you lack, yet desire. After years of hard work, you will continue to become a better athlete. Any person can fall victim to the false promises of immediate results. But a seasoned athlete knows true mastery takes a lifetime of practice. Never stop learning. You can do things like pick heavy rocks up as high as you can, or lift a huge log over your head. Push your friends car up a hill for fun. Grab a heavy sand bag and throw it over your shoulder. Sprint up a hill carrying two buckets of water. Or just jump up on tall objects, with a monkey on your back. Have some fun and kick some ass, dude.