Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mass Gain Cycle

After some much needed restoration, it is time to begin another cycle! I have discovered that the best time to put on some muscle mass may just be after a fat loss phase. If you're putting 2 and 2 together, you know where I'm going from here. I'm packin on the beef, kids! The conditioning will be scaled back for this cycle so we don't waste any calories and put all of our efforts into getting seriously-deliriously jacked. This is my favorite style of training. Lift heavy, then sit around on your ass and grow. But, if you pay attention to my blog and videos, they are all my favorite style of training, it's just what my current goal is that motivates me and maintains my focus and discipline. The key is to not do too much volume, increase the intensity, keep workouts less than an hour to elevate testosterone and keep cortisol low. Our conditioning will be short and intense, nothing too long and draining, just get the heart fired up and get out. Think of a 3-5 minute all out fight, or a few sets of 100 meter sprints. If you have different goals in mind, post questions here and we will discuss modifications to suit your needs. I chose this cycle now because wrestling season is long gone now, baseball is coming to a close, and football is a few short months away. Lift heavy, eat big, sleep well, get massive.

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