Sunday, May 9, 2010

Back Off Week Day 1

Don't forget your mobility!
This will be a deload week, have some fun, take care of business, stretch, roll out, practice mobility and flexibility, etc. but don't put too much weight in your hands.

5 Rounds

Muscle-Ups x3
One Arm Push Up x6/6
Squat Jumps x9

If you spend as much time as possible trying to improve yourself, you will have no time to criticize others. The world is on your side, we're all routing for you.


  1. Hey Matt:

    Did my first bar Muscle up a week a go. Great feeling! Really inspired when I read about Jedd's progress and your comment helped a lot. Thanks!

    Now the only problem I have now is how do I do more than 1 rep muscle ups? When I'm up there should I just fall naturally or should I "push away" from the bar?

    Thanks again. And I will work on my mobility and flexability too. Loved the video you did on this subject.


  2. I don't remember exactly what the comment was I made on Jedd's progress, nor are any of the other reader's (if any), could you elaborate on that?

    What I do know is that you should practice maintaining your false grip on the bar, meaning the bar should almost be on your wrist not in your palm. This shortens your moment arm and thus increases your leverage. If you cannot hold the false grip, then kip your ass off to gain confidence in the movement. As far as returning to the bottom, you want to mimic the path that got you up, and return in the same manner. Think of recording your movement, would it look the same in forward and reverse?

  3. oh, thanks for posting, and excellent job on the achievement! I know its an incredible feeling.

  4. Hey Matt: Thanks for the positive feedback. Two things I'll never forget the day I lost my virginity and first MU! LOL!

    Also, thanks for the advice. I'll try it.

    Here's your comment from Jedd's thread. What really helped me was your comment about the armpits. Thanks again - Matt Wichlinski Says:
    January 27th, 2010 at 1:12 am
    have someone grab you at the ribs and help you through the transition, helping less and less over time. you should treat it as a strength move, not a wild kicking and screaming ballistic movement. Your hands should trace the edge of your face and into your armpits, not outside. Rings would help, so would taping your hands while learning the movement with tons of reps. Ripped hands don’t work as well.

  5. Thanks, Jack

    Maybe someone else will see this and benefit