Sunday, May 2, 2010


Last week of this cycle. We build strength by lifting heavy, we get lean by being disciplined with our nutrition. Its pretty simple, but never easy. We continue for one more week before moving onto next cycle. I'm interested what most of your goals are? What are you trying to achieve? To you have a specific goal, or is it undefined? General goals like "to get stronger", or "to get in shape" never work. Be specific. For example: I will squat 365 lbs for 20 reps by August 2nd. This is a more specific goal, so we know how to prepare. It could be as simple as adding ten pounds a session til you get your goal. It doesn't always work out so easily, but it gives you a plan to work with.

July 26, 355x20
July 19, 345x20
July 12, 335x20
July 5, 325x20
June 28, 315x20
June 21, 305x20...
May 10, 245x20

There are obviously other variables and always obstacles that need to be considered and adjusted for, but having a general plan with specific goals is the best way to go.

Todays workout:

1.) DB Snatch 5x3-5

2.) Squat 6x4

3.) 2 arm DB squat clean + thruster 3x6

4.) Ab Roll Outs 3x10-15

5A.) Overhead plate walking lunges 3x100'
5B.) GHR 3x10

6.) Sprint 5x100 meters


  1. Matt great stuff as always...I was wondering how much in advance do you write your programs out for your athletes? I know there are always going to be tweaks here and there, but in general how much long do you program for a new athlete?

  2. it depends on what they are trying to accomplish, where they are at in relation to their playing season, their ability, their level of experience, commitment, determination, and how many eggs they eat for breakfast. My point is there are variables. I like to do 12 week cycles, have a basic plan, and go month to month. BUt again, you will need to make weekly and daily adjustments almost constantly. Kids always ding their knee rastlin around with their cousin and can't squat on Monday, so that messes up the flow of the week, next thing you know, poor bastard failed a test and got dumped on wednesday, total crap session. Friday comes but the little shit has been too depressed to eat, now he can't lift for crap. This is obviously a total garbage week, but on the other hand, his buddy aced his finals, banged his girl, and feels like superman so he sets PR's left and right. These two athletes started on the same path, train together, live similar lifestyles, but are obviously getting different results from the same stimulus, due to the obvious adversity. One athlete might need a backoff week where the other needs to charge on. Sometimes the worst thing you can do is just proceed with whats written on the paper for the day. Other times listening to your gut could be bad, because you might be feeling soft and weak, but you need to train hard. Working in a solid group helps a ton. Experience helps a ton. But being perfect is probably impossible. Plan your cycle according to your current goal, plan your week, hope everything goes well and be prepared to make adjustments along the way, probably every damn day.