Sunday, May 23, 2010


Sorry, ex-callous, I'm starting over new.Hanging leg raise

1.) Box Jumps x15-20
-Trying to jump as high as possible while coming down onto the box, not snaking feet around the top of it.

2.) Bench Press 6x4

3.) Bent Row 3x8-10

4A.) Close Grip Push Ups 3 x Submax (weighted)
4.B) Hanging Leg Raise 3 x 10-15

5.) Reverse Hypers/Back Extensions 3x10 (Light for Recovery)


  1. do you have set days that you work out on?

  2. This Cycle is going to be almost every other day. My schedule currently has me lifting on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. But that doesn't mean I sit idle and don't do shit the rest of the week. I always jump in with my athletes and I do mobility work and drills throughout the week as well. You should lift heavy on days that fit best into your schedule. My schedule fluctuates, so that works best for me. I suggest you train in a way that brings the best effect for you, encourages the most recovery and allows for the greatest gains. But sometimes we get stuck settling for doing something or anything instead of nothing, which may not be optimal, but better than the alternative of nothing.