Saturday, May 8, 2010


Start with weights by your side with straight arms and jump.
Pull yourself down under bells and land in a split position with bells aggressively locked out overhead.
Make Buddy happy during your doubles! Remember...WWBD? (What would Buddy do?)
Last day of this cycle

5 Rounds for time

1A.) 2 Arm DB Split Snatch 6 Right/6 Left alternate every rep
(Right means split right leg forward, left means split left leg forward, you basically jump with weights by your side, and land in a deep lunge position with weights fully extended and locked out overhead, with elevated scapulae, aggressive shoulders, locked elbows, and firmly planted feet slightly toed in. your foot stomp and DB lock out should be synchronized. A good weight to work with would be a weight that equals half your body weight. i.e. a 200 lb person would use two 50 lb DB's, but do not limit yourself there, push it, like Salt and Pepa.)

1B.) 12 Explosive Push Ups
(I clap behind my back, but you can just do the best you can to just push up as aggressively as possible every rep with or without a clap, in front or behind.)

1C.) 50 Double Unders
(If your DU technique is whack, I would perform lateral hops quickly and athletically over a small object like a 2x4 or an empty barbell, use your imagination. But you are trying to accomplish quick feet. Hold small 2-5 pound weights in your hands during this exercise with fully extended arms and palms facing forward to mimic the jump rope position.)

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