Wednesday, June 2, 2010


1.) Double KB Snatch 3 x 8-10

2A.) Deadlift 6x3
-ascending, no rest
2B.)Banded KB Swings 6 x 6-8, full rest

3A.) Weighted Pull Ups 4x6-8, rest 30 seconds
3B.) Weighted Dips 4x6-8, rest 60-90 seconds

4A.) Reverse Hypers light/recovery 3x8-10
4B.) Fat BB or DB Power Curls 3x8-10


  1. Hey Matt: What kind of swings do you perfer? The type where you squat more and then swing or just hinging with your hips and hip thrusting?

    I used to do the first type, but now I'm doing the second type more.

    Just wondering...


  2. swings are not squats, reach back behind you, forearm in crotch, and violently snap your hips as if you were jumping high in the sky. Transmit that force into the bell and keep feet planted into the ground. if heels come up at the pop of the swing, it's ok, but get back to flat footed asap.

    thats not to say you shouldn't squat with a kb, but its not proper swing mechanics. i love kb squat jumps, for example