Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I understand not everyone has the same goals at the same time, if anyone has any questions about their training, post em up.
1.) Swiss Bar Floor Press 5x5

2A.) Incline DB Press 3x8-10
2B.) Weighted Pull Ups 3x8-10

3A.) Weighted (if possible) Ring Dips 3x10
3B.) Bent Over/Inverted Row 3x10

4A.) Weighted GHB Situps (SLOW) 3x10-15
4B.) Weighted Back Extension (SLOW) 3x10-15


  1. Hi Matt

    Awesome stuff. Been watching your youtube videos for a while now, and I can honestly say that you're one of the few people that I see who actually "walk the walk" when it comes to training. There's no ICC(Internet Certified Coach)about the Strength Shop. Not many dudes putting up the videos and laying it on the line like yourslef.

    Ok. My question, seeing as you asked. If I'm on a mass gain/hypertrophy macrocycle, would you recommend dropping the weight/intensity and adding in higher rep sets, like your recent super-squat workouts, or would you just say to eat more and keep doing what I'm doing? Thanks in advance.

  2. those 20 rep sets can build some serious mass because there is a lot of time under tension. But it is not common for peeps to stay true to this. Its called squats and milk for a reason, if you're not gonna eat and drink a shit ton of food, I wouldnt recommend it. Low reps with heavy weight seems to work best for most. But i do like some hypertrophy work with a few higher reps towards the end of my sessions, after I've performed a bunch of 3's and 5's