Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Ab Crawl (oven mitts to protect from heat only, not hard, rocky ground. If ground is cool I don't use gloves to toughen and condition skin)
KB 2 Hand Backward Overhead Throw
DB Push Throw
Ab Crawl

1.) 2 DB Power Clean 4x5

2A.) Front Squat 6x4
2B.) Reverse Hypers 6x8

3.) Good Morning 3x8-10

4.) Bulgarian Split Squat 3x8-10 (L/R)

5.) Ab Rollouts 4x10-15
Feel free to sub ab crawls for the rollouts. You can use a wheel, but I like to use a basic piece of wood. You put your feet on it, and drag it for distance. Try 3-4 sets and beat your best distance every time you try. Shoot for 100 meters. Enjoy.

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