Sunday, March 28, 2010

Lean Strength Week 1 Day 1 (LS-W1D1)

Sox said I gotta tighten up, so this is my attempt at putting myself out there for accountability.

Talk about vulnerability. Lookin a little shabby. Its time to get freaky up in here.

We have a definitive goal here: to get lean as hell while maintaining strength. The use of multiple implements is not necessary. I am going for simplicity and effectiveness. I'll be putting away most of my toys for this cycle and staying with the basics. If you don't have a particular item, just make an intelligent substitution or ask questions. There are no frills here, just flat out hard work. Sound familiar? It should.

1.) Squat 5x5 rest 120 seconds between sets, 5 minutes after last set

5 Rounds

2A.) Row 250 meters (or 25 KB swings)
2B.) Push ups x 20
2C.) Run 400 meters (or 25 burpees w/o pushup, or 50 double unders...)
2D.) Pull ups x 15
Have fun, work hard, don't forget your SMR, mobility and flexibility afterwards. Drink at least 1 oz water / lb body weight everyday.


  1. Nice Boston. Inspiring to have a 20# dog spank me in sprints all day like mine does.

  2. Matt
    Ok I am watchng you!

  3. I wonder what the prowler push distance/weight/time would be the equivalent to a 400 meter sprint.

  4. We're going to do a lot of prowler work, so don't worry. But, there is no perfect equivalent to a 400 meter sprint. You can try to mimic it with a substitution, but it is just that, a substitution. No amount of double unders, thrusters, prowlers, etc can be equal. They are all still wonderful, just different. That being said, I would keep it on the lighter side, maybe 1-2 plates and do four 25 meter sprints to start. Make adjustment from there if necessary. A stressful 400 meter run is probably taking most people around a minute to complete under these conditions, so keep the prowler close to that time as well. Always err on the lighter side so you don't miss any training tomorrow. Once you get the hang of it, then kill it.

  5. First set didn't feel awesome
    315x10 on last set

    25:49 on the conditioning

  6. Im going to be sticking in there with you matt! Gonna be trying to stick up with it, ive been off training for the past couple weeks due to a broken ankle and got a little flab on the tummy haha. Im going to see how my ankle holds out started about 3 weeks ago working on mobility and technique staying away from heavy weights. I think my body can handle it though hopefully! Is this a every other day thing or back to back days?

  7. Nice job, Wendell. We'll get you right, just keep chiming in when you need help. We're going 5 days a week, plus extra mobility and recovery workouts.

  8. I noticed you posted sunday, monday, and then thursday. Was that cuz you were busy or are you doing sunday, monday, thursday, friday, saturday? I completed this workout yesterday and it had me gasping for air after the first round!! After the 3rd round I was fearing the next two but I pushed through. Was pretty dang exhausted I can't lie. Took a shower and barely had the energy to dry off hahaha! Keep em coming!!!