Monday, March 8, 2010

Week 11 Day 1

1.) Hang Power Snatch 3-3-3-1-1-1

2.) Thick bar Press 5x5

3A.) Ring pushups 3x submax weighted
3B.) Rope Climb 3 x 15' weighted, no feet

4A.) GHB reverse crunch (leg raise) 3x10-15
4B.) Double KB swing 3x10-15

5.) Sprint 5-10 x 75-100 meters, hills are good


  1. Matt,

    For the clean drills do you do the moves as a complex or seperately?

    Also do you do a series of drills like this for Snatch? I noticed in a previous post you recommend overhead squats and drops for the Snatch. Are these what you recommend?


  2. Just started to follow your workouts . . . finished up week 2 so far . . . the combinations of exercises is sweet and am already making some solid gains . . . thanks for taking the time to post your workouts.

  3. The drills will be dependent upon individual needs. It depends on what the weakness is that is retarding the athletes progression. But, in general, My favorite 2 drill for the olympic lifts are:


    Power snatch+overhead squat+snatch balance+hang snatch

    this could be too much for some, for others it's just what the Dr. ordered, it depends on ability and needs


    power clean+front squat+hang clean

    both drills work well if you perform them correctly. If you always practice shitty drills, then your performance will continue being shitty, Just doing it does not magically make you great. For most of us, getting quality coaching is necessary for improvement and probably the single best thing a novice lifter could do for his/her athletic future.

    I will perform the lifts as a complex after the main workout if I'm going for conditioning. But as a warm up prior to the lifts, I'm just getting warmed up, keeping reps low.

    Hope this helps.